Many European companies relocate their production to Asia due to cost pressure and long lead times.
    With a trustworthy partner on site, the geographic and cultural distance becomes irrelevant.


    In our experience, companies can only expect the results they know from Europe when there is a permanent representation at the production site.

    With our proximity to the local factories, we can be in any factory for technical discussion, quality controls or trouble shooting in the same day.

    Controlling the process means controlling the quality of the end product.



    Besides the production of single components, we also organize:

    • Assembly
    • Quality control
    • Custom tests with accredited laboratories
    • Packaging
    • Shipping


    In order to achieve a profitable and stable production in the desired quality, the right production technology is essential.

    Factors to be considered are producibility, the desired quality level and of course cost-effectiveness. The balance of those three factors will give you the optimal result, tailored to your requirements.

    We already determine the right manufacturing process during the engineering phase.

    This allows to eliminate possible manufacturing challenges at an early stage, saving valuable time to market.


    4TEC production processes include:

    • Plastic components: injection molding (single and double injection, over- and in-molding)
    • Elastomers: compression molding, LSR, injection
    • Metal components: die casting (Al, Zn, Mg alloys), investment casting, metal injection molding, sintering, blanking, forming, milling, laser cutting
    • Plastic composite parts: GF, CF, SF

    Can your project benefit from our services?

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    Production Success Stories

    Stone Heater

    From product development to manufacturing

    Project Scope

    Development, tooling and production of a massage stone heater for the healthcare industry with CE and GS approval

    Provided Services

    Working interdisciplinary we were able to realize this project in a very short development time. Within 6 months we moved successfully from development, through tooling and certification to the first production.

    Filter Tube

    High volume production of a disposable medical part

    Project Scope

    Engineering, tooling, production and packing of complete filter tube. Sourcing of a special high quality filterpad to reach the required bacterial filtering rate.

    Provided Services

    During the engineering various assembly methods, such as ultrasonic welding, snap fit, press fit or gluing were analyzed to find the most suitable and cost-efficient solution for mass production. Clean room production environment and post-sterilization is available.

    Rotary knob

    Precise rotary movement and reliable switch function

    Project Scope

    Development of an electronic 3-way rotary knob, which must be installable in different units of a complete series of household appliances.

    Limited construction space and a high end finish have to be considered.

    Provided Services

    Besides brainstorming and establishing all files ready for manufacturing, the engineering phase included the necessary finetuning to get the desired switching effect. The end result after the tooling and production phase is a high end rotary switch with a nice response feeling and great cosmetic finish.


    How to make assembly steps fast, easy and accurate

    Project Scope

    Engineering and manufacturing of a fixture for cutting a thin and precise slot into the soft sealing material

    Provided Service

    In order to keep the assembly lines working efficiently and without interruptions, precise and easy to use assembly fixtures are essential. They not only ensure stable quality but also help to reduce costs.

    Pressure Testing Fixture

    Quality testing during the production

    Project Scope

    Development and manufacturing of a simple and easy to use pressure testing fixture to test for air leakage during mass production.

    Provided Services

    The development and use of testing fixtures is an important part for the production processes. It helps to ensure continuous quality and prevents malfunctioning of products in the field.

    Rugged Sensor

    Multi component sub assembly

    Project Scope

    Low volume production of a IPX5 rugged sensor for angular measurement in a steering box. The high precision aluminum parts need to be anodized after the CNC process.

    Provided Services

    Procurement of various standard components, multiple subassembly steps, such as pressing in bearings, potting electronics and cable assemblies, makes this sensor an interesting product, fitting into our portfolio of low volume, high precision manufacturing.

    Sealed Container Lid

    IP68 proof lid with safety latch and high impact resistance

    Project Scope

    Engineering and manufacturing of sealed container for an airtube transportation system.

    The lid must be impact proof to withstand drops with a 5kg loading from a height of 1.5m onto concrete floor.

    A safety locking feature is required to prevent accidental opening during transportation.

    Provided Services

    FEA-simulations, material research and developing a suitable tooling and assembly concepts in a very short time frame, made this project very challenging.

    Clear working instructions and an approved testing procedure guarantee for a smooth production.

    Rubber casting parts

    Various sealing rings and gaskets

    Project Scope:

    Development and production of sealing rings and gaskets function according to the required IPX rating

    Provided Services:

    We are proficient in developing reliable sealing solutions according to different IPX degrees. Using rubber casting tools we produce high grade sealing rings and gaskets using a variety of elastomers, such as silicone, NBR, CR, FFKM and more.

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