In Shenzhen, we think production since 2008.

Our strengths

We are here for You

With our local set-up in China we have most common production processes at hand. Additionally, our strong supply chain management is very capable in sourcing a wide range of standard or special components.

We Manufacture for You

Specialized in small to medium quantities we offer high quality products in a short time frame. Inhouse manufactured on our flexible production lines with electronic working instructions we control consistent quality.

Tested and Reliable

Quality standards are established together with the customer to ensure all requirements are being accounted for and will be adequately tested before shipment. Also we care about your IP rights, treating your data with the necessary integrity throughout the whole process.

From Ordering to Shipment

We support you also after the production is finished. Our team is competent in organizing the necessary packaging and choosing the right shipping method to guarantee a safe delivery to your warehouse.

Our competences

Years of experience with tooling and various production processes

Extensive support already during the development phase

Development and manufacturing of assembly and testing fixtures

Stable and reliable supply chain for small to medium production runs

Full traceability from raw material to the finished product

Cost reduction through alternative components and production processes


Die casting
✓ Aluminium- , Zink die casting
✓ CNC secondary processes
✓ Surface treatments
Sheet metal parts
✓ Laser cutting, bending
✓ Stamping
✓ Progressive stamping
✓ Surface treatments
Sintering, Metall Injection Molding, Forging
✓ Sinter parts
✓ MIM parts
✓ Forging parts
✓ CNC milling
✓ CNC lathing
✓ Surface treatments
Electronic assembly groups
✓ Cables
✓ Development and production of welding fixtures
✓ Welding parts
✓ Aluminium extrusion
✓ CNC secondary processes
✓ Surface treatments
Development of Jig & Fixtrues
✓ Defining quality requirements
✓ Development of testing methods
✓ Manufacturing of Jig & Fixtures
✓ Assembly of small and medium sized production runs
✓ All common assembly methods
Testing and Approval
✓ Testing and verifying quality requirements
✓ Packaging